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for support by
The Aspie World, Daniel Jones

Dan is an insightful and engaging blogger and video content creator, specializing in sharing his personal experiences and knowledge about Aspergers Syndrome and autism in adults. Diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD, Dan has dedicated his platform to educating others about these conditions. His channel offers a wealth of information for those directly affected by autism, such as family members and loved ones, as well as professionals working in the fields of Autism Spectrum Disorder, education, and healthcare.

Dan's approach is both informative and entertaining, making complex topics accessible and relatable. He regularly posts videos that cover a range of subjects, from understanding the signs of autism and navigating an autism diagnosis to practical tips and life hacks for daily living with autism. His commitment to helping others understand Aspergers and autism is evident in his consistent content creation, with new videos uploaded every week.

Dan is also the author of the book "Autism for Adults: An Approachable Guide to Living Excellently on the Spectrum." In this book, Dan addresses the common feeling among autistic individuals that they lack a societal handbook tailored for them. As both an instruction manual and a memoir, the book is a comprehensive and relatable guide, filled with actionable advice for navigating life on the autism spectrum. Covering challenges like dating, employment, and education, it empowers readers to improve and embrace their lives. Dan's honesty and expertise, coupled with his firsthand experiences, make this book a valuable resource for anyone on the spectrum, offering a mix of practical guidance and personal insight.

Neurodivergent Insights, Dr. Megan Anna Neff

Dr. Megan Anna Neff is a neurodivergent Clinical Psychologist who has carved a niche in working with individuals diagnosed with Autism and ADHD later in life. As an Autistic-ADHD clinician, parent, and advocate, she brings a unique and personal perspective to her professional endeavors. Her passion lies in enlightening the mental health field about the diverse manifestations of neurodivergence, including ADHD and autism.

Dr. Neff's journey into understanding her own neurodivergence began with her child's diagnosis, leading her to a formal medical diagnosis of Autism for herself. This personal experience, coupled with her professional expertise, has fueled her mission at Neurodivergent Insights. Her goal is to bridge the gap in mental health education and research concerning neurodivergent individuals.

Dr. Neff runs a private practice primarily serving neurodivergent individuals, focusing on Autism and ADHD. She is an active speaker and trainer, covering a range of topics like Autism, ADHD, neuroqueering, alexithymia, and personality theory. Additionally, she is working on her forthcoming book, “Self-Care for Autistic People.”