Creating an open World for Autistic individuals using AI

Digital services to embrace authenticity and foster inclusion

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Insights, based on data
Explore your neurodiversity. Get advice & guidance
AI-driven self-help tools
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Supportive community
Take part in our community where people help each other to reveal their authentic selves


We want to build products that help autistic people in everyday life
«We» are autistic and neurotypical individuals, who believe that the world around us should become a better fit for people with neurodiversity
We believe that science, modern technologies and strong community can work in synergy to support millions of autistic people around the world

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All of our services are built by or with autistic community

Autentik for Work

AI-powered assistant for workspace communication

AI Explain & Reply for Chrome

Extension clarifies hidden meanings in messages and helps creating potential replies

AI Reply-bot for Telegram

The bot helps create potential replies for forwarded messages with context

Test and Checklist for Web

Two steps to start unmasking with Autentik AI

AI Explain & Reply for Web

This service clarifies hidden meanings in messages and creates potential replies with or without context
Coming soon

Test and Checklist for Telegram

Two steps to start unmasking with Autentik + AI-bot

Autentik Shopping

Ecommerce plugin that simplifies purchases

Emotions Detector for Chrome

AI-powered extension helps detect emotions on photos and in videos for home or private use


We use AI for most of the tasks


All our products are made using the latest knowledge and solid evidence


All of our ideas are made or verified by autistic individuals

Community First

We have a strong team of autistic individuals, who work on the project development, and we have a strong community to help with ideas, testing and advice.

Our Friends

We are thankful for your support
Neurodivergent Insights, Dr. Megan Anna Neff
Wow, I literally said on our podcast a few months ago that this needed to exist (an Al that would decode allistic language for us). This looks really incredible.
The Aspie World, Daniel Jones
We've been working with Autentik Al, combining ideas with innovative awesomeness to come up with amazing tools. We've been focusing on Al-based technologies to positively impact the lives of autistic individuals, which is absolutely fantastic.


What people say about Autentik
Oh, I've been dreaming of a widely used gpt-like neural network bot to assist in communication - is this starting to come true?
Autistic Translations
Autistic Translations
We really like this idea and we want to support the project!
Ksenia H0neyhan
Ksenia H0neyhan
Delighted to the point of joyful squealing, this is SUCH a necessary thing + it generates very suitable answers, there's no need to even correct them.

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