Two steps to explore unmasking with Autentik

Complete the masking level test
Takes 5 to 10 minutes
Get the unmasking strategies
Provides recommended next steps
Powered by AI
We use AI to enhance the personalization of the results
Based on valid scientific test
The test was developed by scientists
Recomended for well-being improvement
Unmasking contributes to the enhancement of wellness

Receive a PDF report with your results

Receive a memo based on your masking level
Take the masking level test
Take the test
Get the unmasking strategies
Get the strategies

Frequently asked questions

What is the essence of this test?
This test serves as a measure of social camouflaging behaviours, that is an adaptive strategy that autistic individuals often adopt when the world fails to properly recognize their unique characteristics.
How may I interpret the results?
Upon completion, we will explain what results mean.
What data do you collect?
We do not gather any personal data for the test. However, providing your email is a step you can choose for receiving a nuanced breakdown of your results, which will be sent directly to your inbox for ease of future access. It is entirely optional. We also have a standard tracking system, Google Analytics, which collects anonymized data for analyzing the test's performance.
In what languages is the test available?
Currently, the test is available exclusively in English
What is Autentik?
Autentik AI specializes in crafting artificial intelligence-driven solutions tailored for adults on the autism spectrum. We want to build products that help autistic people in everyday life. “We” are autistic and neurotypical individuals, who believe that the world around us should become a better fit for people with neurodiversity.

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All of our services are built by or with autistic community
AI Explain & Reply for Chrome
Extension clarifies hidden meanings in messages and helps creating potential replies
AI Explain & Reply for Web
This service clarifies hidden meanings in messages and creates potential replies with or without context
Coming soon
Emotions Detector for Chrome
AI-powered extension helps detect emotions on photos and in videos for home or private use
AI Reply-bot for Telegram
The bot helps create potential replies for forwarded messages with context
Test and Checklist for Telegram
Two steps to start unmasking with Autentik + AI-bot
Autentik Shopping
Ecommerce plugin that simplifies purchases
Autentik Jobs
AI-powered solution to get free-lance job

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