Emotions Detector for Chrome

The extension can identify over 50 emotions, ranging from basic to more nuanced ones

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How it works

Open the extension, select a face on the screen, and press the button. You can use it during a Google Meet call, while browsing photos, or even when watching videos on YouTube.
Note for usage
The extension is explicitly intended for private use within domestic settings. Users must get permission from people before analyzing their emotions with this extension. Images are not stored on Autentik's servers, and the functionality is powered by the Hume API. Designed for users in the UK and USA.

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What people say about Autentik
Oh, I've been dreaming of a widely used gpt-like neural network bot to assist in communication - is this starting to come true?
Autistic Translations
Autistic Translations
We really like this idea and we want to support the project!
Ksenia H0neyhan
Ksenia H0neyhan
Delighted to the point of joyful squealing, this is SUCH a necessary thing + it generates very suitable answers, there's no need to even correct them.

Frequently asked questions

Where can the Autentik Chrome extension be used?
It is compatible with an array of browsers, including Chrome, Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, among others.
What type of data is collected by the Autentik Chrome extension?
We use Google Analytics, a standard tracking system, to gather anonymous data. This helps us understand how the Chrome extension performs and collects general usage statistics of the plugin for security.
In which applications may the Autentik Chrome extension be used?
The extension is suitable for almost any web-sites and on all sites that allow text to be selected within a browser.
How does the Autentik Chrome extension work, in essence?
The Autentik Chrome extension helps to recognize emotions in faces. It allows users to select faces on screen, like during a Google Meet call or on YouTube, and identifies over 50 different emotions, aiding in emotion recognition training.
What languages does the Autentik Chrome extension support?
The extension offers fluent support for English, Spanish, French, and Russian.
Who is the creator of the Autentik Chrome extension?
Autentik AI specializes in crafting artificial intelligence-driven solutions tailored for adults on the autism spectrum. We want to build products that help autistic people in everyday life. “We” are autistic and neurotypical individuals, who believe that the world around us should become a better fit for people with neurodiversity.

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